What you need to know about abdominoplasty?

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What you need to know about abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a medical procedure which comes into play for the women who want to get rid of excess skin or fat on their belly after pregnancy and those people who suffer from a sudden drop in weight. Finding the right professionals for abdominoplasty in Dubai is no more a hard task as state-of-the-art medical facilities have enabled the locals to go for such medical procedures at their own convenience.

The abdominoplasty medical procedure is also used to give the abdomen a smart look by removing the sagging or stretched skin from the belly. Mostly new mums are the recipients of such medical procedures as they seek to regain their pre-pregnancy shape and figure. Many others opt for abdominoplasty to remove the excess skin or fatty tissues which are left on the abdomen despite workout.

How abdominoplasty is conducted?

The abdominoplasty or tummy tuck medical procedure consists of four basic steps, i.e. consultation, anesthesia, incision, and closing incisions.


1: Consultation

It all starts with your desire to get back into the perfect shape which once filled you with confidence. The first step is to find the right medical professional and the best medical facility in your vicinity. Once you find the right combination of the doctor and the hospital, the next step is to consult your condition and get the right advice. The consultation process gives you a good idea about the upcoming medical procedure and what you are likely to achieve at its conclusion.


2: Anesthesia

The procedure gets off the mark with anesthesia medications, which are administered to guard you against the pain. Your doctor is at the best position to decide whether you need the intravenous sedation or the general anesthesia.


3: Incision

The doctor will make an incision in the belly button and pubic hairline area on your abdomen. The size of the cut depends largely on the quantum of excess skin which is to be removed from the body. Once the doctor lifts the skin on the abdomen, the abdominal muscles get mended, following which, the second incision is made around the area close to navel to wipe out extra skin in the upper abdominal area. The excess skin is then clipped down and the rest of the skin is sutured together, followed by creation of a new gap for the belly button, which is cropped up through to the surface and seamed into its position.


4: Closing Incisions

Once the excess skin is taken out, the doctor finishes off the procedure by using skin adhesives or tapes or clips to finely close the skin incisions. You’re now all set to experience the slimmer and fitter looking personality.

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