Why Body Shapers are Not Advised During Exercise

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Why Body Shapers are Not Advised During Exercise

The greatest reason that people love body shapers is because they give the illusion of a smaller figure by bringing in the waistline and flattening your stomach, since we all dream of the day when these changes become permanent and we can fit in the dresses that we so admire. Since hot shaper pants increase difficulty in breathing, the added stress on your body helps you burn more calories while working out or hitting the gym. However, the truth of the matter is that health specialists advice against wearing body shapers during exercise. This is why; you should not believe the TV commercials when it comes to wearing body shapers during workouts:


Body shapers push down on the diaphragm and compress the stomach, making it much difficult for you to take a full breath. Strength-training and aerobics boost your respiratory rate and until you are able to breathe without any restrictions, your body will get much more exhausted since it is unable to flush off any toxins. Fewer calories are burnt with such a less productive workout, undermining your efforts and raining over your dreams of gleaning a coveted figure.


Body shapers result in shallower breaths because they restrict diaphragmatic breathing. Your body is in need of oxygen to perform during intense exercises; otherwise you will end up feeling weak, exhausted, and drained of all energy. While you can wear a body shaper as long as you remain stationary, you can end up fainting because of an oxygen deficit while doing weight lifting, yoga, or cardio for weight loss. Not to mention, most body shapers are fabricated from materials which prevent sweat from escaping your body since they are not breathable. This is important because sweat keeps you cool during exercise by regulating your body temperature.


When you suck in your stomach, your body makes use of the transversus abdominis muscle, which is the innermost muscle of your abdomen. This muscle is known for protecting your spine, improving posture, and strengthening your core. You can strengthen your transversus abdominis muscle and flatten your tummy by an exercise technique known as the stomach vacuum. However, body shapers are only capable of compressing fat, and are unable to affect the deep abdominal muscles.


Fitness experts recommend that you wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes during exercise. You should wear light-colored and lightweight fabrics if you are working out during the summers, while dark colors and multiple thin layers suit best for winters. It’s better to avoid wearing rubberized, leather, or plastic clothing during workout. Not to mention, hot shapers price in Dubai are sky-rocketing.