The anatomy of exporting cars from UAE

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The anatomy of exporting cars from UAE

People often think that exporting car from UAE is very easy, they just have to pay the seller, pay custom duty and they will own car. But the reality is very different because there are several things that need to be taken care and take in to consideration when you go for import export business. When you go for Toyota land cruiser Dubai export then you need to first know about all the details of the process and all the charges which you have to bear. Here is a glimpse of things you needs to know:

Transport: You need to check the most suitable transportation method which you can provide to your clients and this method should be safe too. The method you chose must deliver the product unscratched because if there is even a small scratch on the car body then the client may start a dispute about it and ask to return the amount or give compensation, so you have to choose the method carefully. Your transport method should be fast and have good communication.

Transport charges: You need to see the charges if transportation too because there are several people like you who are in this industry and if your transport partner is asking for higher payment then it means you have to get more amount from your client as compared to your rival. This thing will give an advantage to your rival and he will steal your client by offering lower payment than what you ask for.

Insurance: When the business of import export is about the expensive goods then you have to get them insured through the shipment insurance company. In this way if the product gets damage or stole during the shipment process then they will provide you compensation but adding insurance factor to your services will increase the price so you have to ask from your client about it. If they agree to pay more amounts for getting undamaged goods and compensated if receive the goods in bad condition or not at all then you can insure their shipment. You should always ask about this from your client or they will cancel their order when see that your rivals are offering in lower amount. Try to be as much detailed as possible in order to clarify and eradicate any confusion between you. 

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