Quick guide to learning ArabicQuick guide to learning Arabic

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Quick guide to learning ArabicQuick guide to learning Arabic

Learning new languages is certainly fun and encouraging but it is also a little difficult especially when the language which you have opt for has no roots of whatsoever from your native language. It can be a challenging task but if you have decided to go through the path then here we are to help you with it by sharing a few baby steps on how to learn Arabic fast:

  • Decide which colloquial you would like to learn

This is one of the first steps as you cannot dive into the language without having proper knowledge of the colloquial which it has. Arabic is the 6th most spoken language in the world so just imagine the number of dialects which it would offer. Choose the form which you want to learn and then start with studying so that it is easier for you to know and learn the dynamics.

  • Start from the basics

Don’t try to look for shortcuts by transcribing words from your language into Arabic as it may sound like a convenient way but it is not simple. You will only complicate things for yourself which is why the right way to learn the language would be by starting from basics. Learn the alphabets first and then gradually move to proper learning.

  • Use WSSH formula

WSSH stands for write, see, speak and hear. The basic idea of using this formula is by writing down the words which you see and hear in order to speak them later on. You can achieve this by watching kids’ shows in Arabic or movies with subtitles as it gives you a better ear to know and understand the dynamics of this language.

  • Speak it

This is a very critical step as you won’t be able to learn the language if you don’t ever try to speak it with your friends. This can be a problem if your surroundings are not with the native Arabic speakers because then communication would be a problem but you can surely solve that problem with the help of technology.

Lastly, we would like to tell you to never stop learning as that is the key. Keep excelling for more and seek help from training centre Dubai for better learning and professional teaching methods.

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