Questions to Ask when Selecting a Car Tint Shop

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Questions to Ask when Selecting a Car Tint Shop

It’s not uncommon to come across window tints in Dubai at every nook and corner due to the extreme weather conditions faced by the country. If you are also thinking of getting your car windows tinted, the first and foremost step towards securing a quality and appropriate job done is to find a viable tint shop, and this is where the problem lies; Dubai is teeming with window tint shops! Once you have done your research and narrowed down your list, here’s what you should be asking all dealers to make an informed decision:

How Long Have You Operated In This Area? Do You Serve Any Other Areas?

If a business has stuck to a particular location for a long time, it generally means that it has consistently provided top-notch service at affordable prices and has a steady stream of regular customers in the vicinity. Your best bet is to look for tint shops that have been in business for at least five years. Even if they cost slightly more than the new shops on the block, their potent work history is a testament to the fact that they will most probably still be here in a few years, in case you need to use your warranty.

Do You Use The Best Quality Products?

Most credible tint shops stock up on a wide array of window films, generally from different suppliers. Tint shops worth their salt often provide you with a wide range of film types, including hybrid, dyed, and metallic films, each available in more than one color and in varying levels of darkness. If a particular tint shop only dabbles in one or two types of films, you should see the red flag and move on. It might be possible that they are simply trying to sell off their cheap or old stock to you. Click here to learn more about Tinting products.

Are Your Services Backed By A Warranty?

It’s also indispensable to enquire about their warranty plan, and comprehend all that is included in it. We suggest that you look for a lifetime warranty for materials and labor. Also be sure to ask the dealer if their warranty plan covers issues such as color shift and fading.

Can I Come In and View Samples Of Your Tinting?

Any professional salesman might be able to convince you over the phone of how great their services are, but only credible shops would agree to show you real samples of their work. Visiting the shop in person and seeing their work quality for yourself would help you get a feel for the business you are going to be dealing with.