Types of Exhibition Stands you can Use

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Types of Exhibition Stands you can Use

Exhibition stand designs in Dubai are available in a wide array of formations, shapes, and types, running the gamut from the most extravagant pavilions with various floors to simple, and plain white walls. Here are the various types of exhibition stands that you can choose from:

  • Row stand

Row stands are the most common types of exhibition stands. Such stands are joined to neighboring stands on three sides. The front of the stand, known as a wall stand, faces the hall aisle. A lot of organizers prefer to use this ‘standard’ stand at the disposal of the exhibitor. This stand can be embellished with rollup banners and an assortment of other accessories such as a seat, a floor covering, and a lose wall. If you participate frequently in exhibitions, this is the most effective and economical solution for you.

  • Walk-through stand

Walk-through stands are not so common and are normally positioned in between two stands, where you would expect to see a row stand. A walk-through stand normally doesn’t have a back wall and is a bit steeper. Visitors literally have to walk through your stand to make it to the adjoining aisle. Such types of stands entail extra diligence from the stand staff, as your booth is accessible to visitors from both sides. As this stand offers usually limited wall surface of both sidewalls, it doesn’t allow for many fixing places for your promotional materials.

  • Peninsula stand

The peninsula stand type is enclosed only by the aisles and is open on all sides. This generates a lot of buzz and exposure as your booth is accessible to visitors from all sides. However, the absence of walls entails you to leverage freestanding presentation furniture for documentation and promotion of your products. This type of stand is a true eye-catcher and portrays you as a market leader and a top-notch brand. While they are much more expensive than other types of stands, they are worth the investment.

  • Corner stand

These types of stands are seen less commonly than others in the list. Corner stands are usually found at an aisle intersection or the end of a row, and are open on two sides for the visitors. Not only do corner stands attract greater attention, they also come in more design options that you can choose from.

  • Floor Stand

The stand surface of a floor stand is extended with an extra floor. If need be, all types of stands mentioned above can be fitted out with an extra floor. Browse through http://www.strokesexhibits.com/en/ to learn more about exhibition display stands.

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