5 Elements That Make an E-commerce Website Successful

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5 Elements That Make an E-commerce Website Successful

Once a visitor lands on your website, you have about 5 seconds to make an impression.  Since most customers have a diminutive attention span, an effective, well designed website grabs their eye and averts the dreaded click of the back button, before their patience runs out. If you are a small business owner, looking to glean an online presence, or a website owner left to wondering why the business is going down in the dumps, these 5 essential elements are the key to successful Ecommerce web design in Dubai:

Clear Navigation

A customer is more likely to land on an internal webpage via “deep links”, rather than the homepage of a site, since search engine results often link to the inner pages of websites. Menus help users find their way around the site and wander fearlessly because they know they can always return to the homepage from anywhere. If your website has too many pages, incorporate a drop-down menu for each category, instead of trying to crowd too many links in the main navigation.

Contact Information

Having valid contact information, such as contact number, address, email address, or a contact form, adds credibility to your Ecommerce site and forms a bridge of contact between your business and the outside world. If a customer is interested in your product or service, but has no direct way of getting in touch in you, they are simply going to switch over to your competitor. To make it easy for users to find your contact info without hassle, create a separate “contact us” page and incorporate its link in the main navigational bar.

Including a Logo

When people reach your website, often they want to be sure that they have reached at the right place. Be sure to incorporate a business logo at the upper left corner of the page and it should also act as a default link to direct the user back to the homepage.

Meaningful Content

You might have a charming website that is a pleasing sight to behold, but if your content doesn’t engage your users, they are unlikely to stick around. When writing copy for the website, try to integrate knowledgeable, easy-to- comprehend, helpful information about your services, products, company, etc. Your content should be relevant and fresh, so that it resonates with your potential customers.

Clear Call to Action

Once you have landed a potential customer, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to make a purchase, donate for charity, sign up for an event, register for a free trial, or make a subscription? Users hate nothing more than scavenging through a garish mishmash of a site, clueless what to do. Incorporate a clear and visible call to action on the homepage that stands out from the rest of your content and helps users know the context of your business.  Hausofhendricks.com is replete with great tips on how to make your Ecommerce site appeal to prospective customers.